What Is Analyst Zone

What is Analyst Zone?

World's First Digital Platform Of It's Kind

  • A unique Web-based platform for the new age professional
  • Enhance the way you learn, use and apply skills

A Compelling edutainment platform

  • Blend your learning with fun and practical application with insights
  • Challenging and immersive assessments, games to play

Chime in with the analyst community

  • Connect with analysis professionals across the globe
  • Learn, interact and share insights with best analysts in the World

Use anywhere, anytime on any device

  • Fully responsive and high performant digital platform
  • Works on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Mobile Phones

Derive delightful experiences

  • Intuitive design, simple and consistent interface
  • visually rich info-graphics, interactive videos and animations

Custom-created content just for you

  • How-to guides, tutorials, downloadable templates, Job aids and resources
  • Tips & tricks, facts & figures, Career support, tools & techniques
Why Analyst Zone?

Why Analyst Zone

Analyst Zone Is for you, if you are...

Who is Analyst Zone for?

There is an analyst in each one of us

  • Bring out the analyst in you
  • Get in the zone, be smart, get tech-savvy!

For the analysts, by the analysts

  • Designed & developed keeping the analysts in mind
  • We know what you need and what works for you

At all levels, all roles and all disciplines

  • Aimed at practising and aspiring professionals as well
  • Works brilliantly well for novices & beginners through to experts

Stay updated with the latest content

  • Frequent content updates to keep you abreast of the latest trends, themes & concepts
  • Access new content straight from your dashboard - its simple & quick!
  • Check out new techniques, principles,methods across multiple topics

Explore, like, download and share

  • Whether you are a light-touch or deep-dive person, we have it all covered
  • View our content in the way you like - lists, thumbnails, cards & detailed views
  • Download our content, like and favourite and share with others

Gain rewards and awards, not just knowledge

  • With each activity you do on the A-Zone, your engagement score increases
  • The higher the score, the better rewards you will get from Analyst Zone
  • Rewards include access to privileged content, Analyst Zone branded merchandise

Analyst Zone How It Works

Analyst Zone - How it works?

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