McKinsey 7-S Model


The McKinsey 7-S framework helps identify the various areas of an organisation that need to be aligned to implement a strategy effectively. It enables in understanding the hard and soft elements within a business that are potentially impacted by the proposed project/change management initiative. 

The 7-S model defines the seven areas that are inter-connected to implement a strategy within an organisation. The elements in the model are broadly categorised into hard and soft aspects:

  1. Shared Values - Values and beliefs driving the business
  2. Skills - Competencies and skills to carry out the work
  3. Staff - People required to fulfil the work 
  4. Style - Culture and management style 
  5. Strategy - Defined strategy, arrived at from the analysis  
  6. Systems - Tactical and operational processes and IT 
  7. Structure - Command & control, communication structures 

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