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  • Happy Business Analysis Day, 2018

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    1st Nov, 2018 has been celebrated world over as Global Business Analysis Day! We marked the occasion cherishing and relishing the profession and practice of business analysis that evolved over the ages and grew into the career of choice for millions all over the world. On this day, we announce the launch of a new digital/online course titled "Practical Business Analysis- Part 1". In this post, I discuss the background, context and rationale for creating the course, and who is going to be benefitted from the eLearning course. With this announcement, I am also happy and proud to share the cover image for the course. Watch out for more updates from me and Team Analyst-Zone on the launch date, course syllabus, coverage topics and platforms on which it will be available etc. Happy Business Analysis Day, once again to all the BA professionals and enthusiasts in the community!